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392 Pages
Publication date: September 2020
Imprint: Benevento
Burkhard Benecken


Clans and organized crime, political failures and the division of society: CLAN-LAND is a political thriller that consistently takes current developments further and sketches an oppressive vision of a divided Germany. Merciless, bleak, radical!

Germany 2048: The country is ruled by rightwing nationalists who have drawn the population to their side with populism and tough law-and-order politics. Critical reporting has abolished itself, and the judicial system has degenerated into a commercialized show format: It’s no longer the judge, but »the people« who issue the verdicts on guilt and punishment.

Meanwhile, the Muslim population, under the leadership of the large clan families, has retreated to its own territories–behind high walls and regulated by its own rules. Abdelkarim, the head of the al-Zahidi clan in Neu-Essen, however, has a vision: the legalisation of clan business and a peaceful co-existence. He finds an ally in Lorenz van Bergen, one of the country’s most popular criminal lawyers. But van Bergen underestimates the political intrigues and propensity for violence on both sides. And he gets caught up in a conspiracy that threatens to lead to disaster.

»In his novel debut [he] gives deep insights into the world of Arab clans«
Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

»a gripping and absolutely remarkable political thriller«

»Burkhard Benecken has packed numerous approaches to reflect on his mercilessly critical thesis into a fictional novel.«
Ruhr Nachrichten


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Burkhard Benecken

Burkhard Benecken is a criminal defence lawyer. He became known throughout Germany due to his celebrity clients from film and television as well as various clan figures whom he represented in court (including the families al-Zein, Remmo, Abou-Chaker etc.). In the public discourse he takes the position that the criminalization of whole families leads to an intensification of clan criminality. As an expert, Benecken is a regular guest on TV and radio talk shows.