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416 Pages
Publication date: September 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Thomas Kiehl

The Ant Woman


Lena Bondroit, a renowned ant researcher, witnesses a cold-blooded murder—and therefore becomes the target of an obscure organization. The organization seems to deliberately manipulate and alarm the public. But what is behind it: money, power, greed? Or is it all just a perfidious game?

A journalist is murdered in the heart of Berlin, immediately after he interviewed biologist Lena Bondroit about swarm intelligence and self-governing communities. He was on the trail of a secret organization and dealing with organized manipulation, the control of people, and fear. Crazy conspiracy theory or hard-hitting political intrigue? Lena asks inconvenient questions. And ends up in the line of fire because of it. Soon, she no longer knows whom to trust: Victor Callenberg, who is critical of the state and wants to blow the organization’s cover but seems to be playing a double game? Or her new friend Michael Degenhart, an ambitious politician whose behavior becomes more and more dubious?
A fast-paced thriller on the collusive game of fear. Is it fueled deliberately? And who profits from it? And how can we defend ourselves?


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Thomas Kiehl

Thomas Kiehl is a jurist, advisor, and a self-professed fan of biological phenomena. Ever since his university days, he has been fascinated by the question of why humans form nations and what this does to them. But only an ant colony that challenged him for his lunch on a journey through Asia provided him with the final building block for his first thriller THE ANT WOMAN.

Geschichten, die einen Machthaber zittern und Menschen lachen und weinen lassen. Chronist der leisen Stimmen und Verfechter der Wahrheit sein. Wehrlosen eine Stimme geben. Kulturen verstehen. Menschen ermutigen. Mit Geschichten die Welt verändern. Das alles und noch viel mehr ist Benevento - ein frischer Wind für alle, die Bücher lieben.


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