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224 Pages
Publication date: July 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Erwin Thoma

Nature's Strategies

How the Wisdom of Trees Invigorates our Life


In NATURE’S STRATEGIES, Erwin Thoma describes the immeasurabe cosmos of trees: their evolution over centuries, their survival strategies, their bonds with us humans. In his typical entertaining style and with great expert knowledge he explains what we can learn from trees and why they are so important for our future.

In his new book, Erwin Thoma portrays the evolution of trees vividly and extensively. He shows how they struggle from the root area into the sky, how they gain character over the years, what kinds of relationships they enter into with other forest dwellers, and which new life grows out of their demise. Moreover, he demonstrates vividly that the time of trees has arrived, now more than ever: We can no longer avoid using their wisdom on survival and their healing powers for us if we want to stop the effects of climate change and reverse the destruction of nature.

An unusual book on trees full of fascinating stories and myths, interesting details and connections, and with a passionate appeal to us humans..

»A book full of fascinating stories and myths, compelling details and correlations.«

»Hands-on contractor, down-to-earth nature guy, experienced practitioner.«
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Erwin Thoma

Erwin Thoma, born in 1962, became a mountain guide and later a forester driven by his love for nature. Nowadays, he and his company Holz100 are specialized in building houses that are made out of wood, energy-self-sufficient and dispense with technology and insulating materials. In his books he takes his readers along into a world that unfortunately has become unfamiliar to many of them.

Geschichten, die einen Machthaber zittern und Menschen lachen und weinen lassen. Chronist der leisen Stimmen und Verfechter der Wahrheit sein. Wehrlosen eine Stimme geben. Kulturen verstehen. Menschen ermutigen. Mit Geschichten die Welt verändern. Das alles und noch viel mehr ist Benevento - ein frischer Wind für alle, die Bücher lieben.


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