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344 Pages
Publication date: October 2018
Imprint: Benevento
Carina Heer


100 Women Who Turned the World Upside Down

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It doesn’t take much to be considered a she-devil – at least in the eyes of men, that is. And there’s no pact with the devil required either. It’s enough to be particularly adventurous, reckless, or generally particularly gifted and successful – except, of course, in typically female domains like languages, needlework, and, uh, listening or something. That women can be downright intelligent sometimes is yesterday’s news. But can they also be courageous? More ruthless than Lehmann Brothers? Funnier than Jimmy Fallon? Cooler than James Dean? Or even cruel, psychopathic, and driven by the desire to kill? No doubt about it!

For all of those who have long since suspected that and especially for those who cannot believe it, Carina Heer presents portraits of a multitude of different – famous and less famous – women from all eras and countries with a good portion of humor and irony. Women like Gisela Werner, the leader of the most dangerous gang of bank robbers of the post-war years, or the infamous pirate Mary Read. But of course, names such as Cleopatra, Marie Curie, and Bonnie Parker can’t be left out – just to name a few of the ladies we definitely ought to meet (again)!


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Carina Heer

Carina Heer studied History of Contemporary German Literature, Bibliography, and Psychology and is currently working as an author and freelance editor. As the second of four sisters and mother of two daughters, she has continuously asked herself the question of what characterizes strong women – and in doing so, she happened upon numerous impressive, awe-inspiring, and fascinating characters. She has gathered 100 of them in this book.

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