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192 Pages
Publication date: August 2018
Imprint: Benevento
Josephine Warfelmann Jenk Jessel


Of the Insanity/Happiness of a Fully Employed Family

A successful business woman standing her ground in a male domain, two darling daughters who always show a spectacular sense for the »right« timing, and a writer who works in the bakery of his food start-up on the side – naturally, chaos, a lack of sleep, and stress are inevitable. But family man Jenk Jessel proves how to master this excessive demand with a dash of serenity and a large dose of humor while still managing to be happy.

Finding the right balance between child, job, housework, and a happy relationship is no walk in the park: You start out with the need to become immune to the hysterics of other expecting couples and set out on a mad search for a spot at a daycare facility in a major German city way ahead of the due date before you get the chance to dedicate yourself to various pediatric diseases (invariably arriving at the worst possible time), puke-covered car seats, and the daily family time management.

In his book, Jenk Jessel reveals in an entertaining way and with the necessary dash of self-irony how to manage keeping an eye on your happy end and maintaining the ability to see the humorous side of things amidst the madness, and how to ultimately achieve composure in the balancing act between job and family.


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Jenk Jessel

Jenk Jessel, born in the Taunus in 1977, studied Journalism and German Philology, after which he moved to New York. He organized the first interactive dog show in the world, created countless billboards, and worked for multiple media enterprises before he turned to writing. Today, the author lives in Munich together with his wife and his two daughters.