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280 Pages
Publication date: January 2020
Imprint: Benevento
Christian Zott Thilo Komma-Pöllath

Ten Million Steps

On Foot Across Europe - An Entrepreneur on a Different Path


Letting go. Heading out. Finding new paths. When the question of finding his successor becomes more and more urgent, entrepreneur Christian Zott takes a radical step: He exchanges his desk for running shoes and hikes across Europe—to find answers to essential questions: How can you transfer responsibility? Which freedoms do you gain by doing so? And how does this change you?

Over the course of 25 years Christian Zott has made his business exceptionally successful with great effort and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Until he asks himself one day how things are going to continue after he is gone. He sets out on a lonely hike across Europe, from Sagres in Portugal along the coast to Spain, Italy, and Greece to arrive in Istanbul seven months and 3,600 miles later. His not-even-thirteen-pound-luggage: one change of clothes and more than 70 audio books, classics from literature and philosophy. As he explores the unknown Europe beyond the major sights, he listens and thinks.

In an impressive and inspirational way, this philosophical travel report talks about the difficulty of relinquishing responsibility—and to assume it for your own self.

Every departure, if it is right, is the first step towards something new, better, happier.


Christian Zott

Christian Zott, born in 1960, has had a successful career as an entrepreneur. After his hike, he transferred the operational responsibility to his management, founded »ZOTT Artspace« in Munich, and established the art exhibition »KAIROS. The right Moment,« which will be hosted in the art hall of his company in Unterammergau from September 2019 onwards.

Geschichten, die einen Machthaber zittern und Menschen lachen und weinen lassen. Chronist der leisen Stimmen und Verfechter der Wahrheit sein. Wehrlosen eine Stimme geben. Kulturen verstehen. Menschen ermutigen. Mit Geschichten die Welt verändern. Das alles und noch viel mehr ist Benevento - ein frischer Wind für alle, die Bücher lieben.


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